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Due to it being a seasonal product, it will be available again from December 2024!

'Patali Gur' is the solidified form of the traditional ‘Jhola Gur’ or ‘Nolen Gur’, which is the liquid date jaggery, is extracted from the fruit sap of the date palm tree. It is sticky and gooey in nature and is mostly harvested in West Bengal during the winter months by skilled peasants who are adept in the extraction process. Once the Jhola Gur is extracted it is further condensed and solidified into blocks which is then known as 'Patali Gur'
Its sweet flavour & nutty aroma makes it an all-time winter favourite ingredient for making various types of Bengali sweet delicacies like Roshogolla, Payesh & Sandesh.  Completely chemical and preservative-free, it is part & parcel of Bengal’s culture during the winter months.

Jaggery is said to be rich in minerals and antioxidants and thus is extremely beneficial in boosting one’s immunity and is also used for natural detox as well.  It also helps in digestion which makes it a good option as a post-meal sweet. Owing to high iron content, it increases the haemoglobin level and helps treat anaemia.

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