Mohan-Shaal Rice Boiled/Sheddo (2kgs)- Chemical-free Aromatic Rice

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Bengal rice has a long tradition of folk cultivation that includes more than five hundred plus varieties, most of which have been unfortunately lost with the passage of time. However, in an initiative to revive some of the lost varieties, a new resurgence is gathering momentum across Bengal now. Farmers under the advice from Agricultural Scientists and active support by the Govt, have come together with a positive notion to resuscitate the past glory.

For a true-blue Bengali, rice is not just a food grain, it is an emotion, an integral part of the Bengali cuisine which is enjoyed in numerous ways. Be it steamed rice, Sweet pulao, or porridge (chaler payesh), authentic Bengali cuisine is simply incomplete without a plateful of it.

This variety of Mohan-Shaal is grown without the use of chemical and pesticide-free. It is a boiled rice variety rich in mineral content. This supreme quality rice is used to make porridge for various occasions or even for daily consumption. It is procured from the farmers of South Bengal who cultivate this rice using the traditional method of farming without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


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