Matar Dal (500g)- Chemical and Preservative-Free

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‘Matar Dal’ or split pea is a variety of legume that is light yellow in colour, spherical in shape, and does not require soaking. After sun drying the dull-coloured outer skin of the pea is removed and then split in half by hand or by machine through the natural split already existing in the seed's cotyledon. Its rich earthy taste makes it an ideal choice for the Indian Dal curry which is also an integral dish of the Bengali cuisine and also in preparing soups, boiled sprouts, pakora, and even some mouthwatering sweet dishes too.  They are a good source of soluble fibres and are really useful in keeping blood pressure and sugar levels under check. Split peas are good for your heart as they help reduce plaque in the blood vessels and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

This mildly flavourful Matar Dal is cultivated without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides and is directly procured from the farming community of rural Bengal.

Bring home the goodness of this protein-rich Matar Dal. Place your order online, today!

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