Masoor Dal 500 grams- Chemical and Preservative Free

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    Dried lentils are a very common food ingredient found in every Indian household and it is very much a “part and parcel” of our daily staple diet. An authentic Indian meal is said to be incomplete if not served with a ladleful of Dal along with rice or chapatis. Packed with protein and various nutrients, they are used in cooking a wide range of delicious recipes.


    “Masoor Dal” is a type of split lentil that has a brown skin and is reddish-orange inside. It has an earthy flavour and a pleasant aroma. To a large section of Indians who are vegetarians, masoor dal is a rich dietary source of protein, essential amino acids, potassium, iron and vitamin B1. Besides, it also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar level as well. Being a rich source of fiber, it aids in weight loss and its calcium content assists in strengthening bones and teeth.


    ‘The Bengal Store’ presents you this preservative-free aromatic lentil or “Masoor Dal,” which is directly procured from the farmers of Bengal and it is ensured that the produce has been grown in the natural way without the use of any chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides. 

    One unit of the product contains 500 Gms.

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