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One of the most artistic culinary delicacies of Bengal, Gohona Bori or Goyna Bori is made by grinding overnight soaked lentil seeds in shil-pata (a kind of traditional mortar pestle). It is then given diverse shapes, placing upon a bed of poppy seeds and let out in the sun to dry. Goyna (meaning ‘jewellery’ in Bengali) comes in different patterns which include flowers, leaves, elephants, butterflies, fish, and different kinds of ‘alpona’. These fragile snacks were primarily made by rural women who spend hours on them. A few Midnapore artisans still carry forward the elaborate art of making Goyna Bori.

Goyna Bori makes an adorable accompaniment when served with rice, a bowl full of piping hot dal, and a spoonful of ghee. It could also be savoured as a snack.                


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