Homemade Papad (Pack of 2)- 100g each- Potato and Sabudana with black cumin

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     Sundried Potato Chips  100 grams
     Sabudana papad with black cumin   100 grams



    The recipes for these crispy chips and papad require very minimal effort and can be easily stored for a long period of time. Previously, it was made by women in almost every Bengali household. It was a very common sight to notice a variety of chips and papads on steel plates spread all over the terraces in order to get them sun-dried. However, with the increasing bustle of everyday life, there is too little time left for people to prepare it at home. All of these can make adorable accompaniments when served with khichdi or a platter consisting of rice, a bowl full of piping hot dal, and a spoonful of ghee. One can also enjoy these as a teatime snack.

    Sundried Potato Chips – Traditionally known as ‘aloo vaja’, potato chips are one of the most popular snacks found in almost every Bengali household. Filled with fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, potatoes support heart health. It can also help lower blood pressure.

    Sabudana papad with Black Cumin - These sabudana papads filled with black cumin (kalo jeera) are a rich source of carbohydrates; sabudana is easy to digest and has a cooling effect on the body. It also prevents constipation. Whereas, kalo jeera or black cumin is packed with antioxidants and helps protect the liver.



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