Aam Murabba (Mango Murraba)- 200 grams

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    Mango Murraba is a tangy, sweet, and piquant mango marmalade that is made with unripe mangoes. The sugar and the handpicked aromatic spices fuse together, giving it a quintessential blend, turning it into a mouthwatering condiment for any meal. This Mango Murraba is 100% free of chemicals and preservatives and is made with love and passion by an ‘all women’ group hailing from Bengal. This is not only tasty but also extremely healthy as well and helps strengthen one’s immune system. The high level of pectin, vitamin C, and fibres in it will keep your cholesterol in check. Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin A and therefore are beneficial for your eyes and also helps fight anemia. So, go ahead and place your order online and get this appetizing and wholesome Mango Murraba delivered to your doorstep in a flash! 


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