Wooden Coaster Owl Design (Set of 2)

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Coasters are used to rest drinks. It protects the table or the surface from directly absorbing the temperature of the glass or the cup. It also prevents dirty-looking water rings and marks left on tabletops by sweaty drinks like soda or juice. Coasters can also be used to cover the glass or cup, protecting the drink from contamination. Or, to give others an indication that the drink has not been finished yet.

Besides amping up the aesthetics of the living or drawing room, wood coasters are heat resistant and a non-conductor of heat. These coasters are durable and lightweight, making them a wiser option for gifting close ones. 

This particular assortment of wooden coasters is hexagonal and comes in a set of 2 pieces. These carry a vibrant hand-painted motif of an owl. 

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