Kothakoli Horse

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Dimension (H x L x D) (inches)

9.6 x 4.6 x 4


The craft of Terracotta has been the symbol of man's first attempt at craftsmanship, just as the potter’s wheel was the first machine invented to use the power of motion for a productive purpose. The town of Bishnupur in Bengal is one of the pioneers in producing terracotta handicrafts, and is known for its earthy finesse.

The sculpture depicted in the image is that of Kothakoli Horse. The sculpture of Kothakoli Horse is praised for its elegant stance and unique abstraction of basic values. Interestingly, the Kothakoli horse has a unique history and significance attached to it. 

In the region of Rarh, where Dharmathakur is worshipped, there is no end to the symbolic use of terracotta and wooden horses. Symbolic sacrifice of horses for fulfilment of wishes is common for many village gods and goddesses, but an assembly of terracotta horses of various shapes and sizes representing sacrifice on wish fulfilment is perhaps peculiar to Dharmathakur.

Enhance the charm of your home and bring home this unique piece of Kothakoli Horse. 

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