Hancrafted Jute Ganesha (Hanging)

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    Bengal jute has long been a popular fibre used to create a variety of products, including utility items, furniture, accessories, and home decor. One such highly desired item is jute dolls. Although jute dolls have been around for a while, there has been a significant shift in the way they are made over the past five to six years. These dolls are made by twisting jute threads, giving them the desired shape. Small pieces of jute fibre have been colored with natural dyes to enhance the features and details of the dolls.

    Made with efficiency and earnest care by Bolpur artisan Gourango Das, this particular wall-hanging is shaped like the head of Shri Ganesha. Lord Ganesh, the symbol of wisdom and fulfilment, is one of the predominant Hindu gods. The wall hanging could be used as home décor or worshipped on a daily basis.

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