Dokra Big Deer

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     Material   Dokra
     Dimension (H x L )   8 x 1.5 inches



    Although used previously to refer to a group of nomadic craftsmen, presently the term ‘Dhokra’ is essentially applied to a wide range of handcrafted decorated brassware products created by the ‘lost wax process of metal casting. Acknowledged as the earliest known method of non-ferrous metal casting known to mankind, this folk art originated in the heartlands of West Bengal almost 3500 years ago and is done by the traditional metalsmiths, ‘The Dhokra Damar Tribes’.  Artisans these days create various figurines and models of gods, goddesses, animals, birds, carts, and even jewelry.

    The Dokra art uses the ‘lost-wax process’ to form brass models. A replica of the desired product is first made with wax over a clay core and upon which the finer details of designs and decorations are then delicately crafted. Thereafter another layer of soft clay is applied to cover the entire model. After sun drying, molten brass is poured through a small hole which melts away the wax with the molten brass filling up space. Finally, after cooling and with the removal of the outer clay layer, the exquisite work of art emerges and its unpolished look is kept intact. No external chemical polish is applied on the same. Unlike the craft which is available with shiny polish, our collections are rooted in their original look.

    This figurine showcases a big Sambar Deer.

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