Ek-chala Terracotta Durga

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30 x 13 x 25 cm


The idea of ‘Ek Chala Thakur’ showcasing Goddess Durga and her children against one common backdrop came into existence during the rule of Raja Krishnachandra of Krishnanagar. Roughly located around 23 kilometers from the town of Bishnupur, lies a small settlement called ‘Panchmura’ also known as the ‘Terracotta hub of Bengal’. Around seventy families who are a part of this small community still carry on the age old tradition of hand-crafted pottery and are popularly referred to as ‘Kumbhakar’. This is a very simple yet dynamic form of art that derives its inspiration from religious rituals and ceremonies. Through their unique artistic expertise, the artisans of Panchmura have metamorphosed the idea of ‘Ek Chala’ idol and have given it a new look and meaning altogether.

Apart from the notion of having a single backdrop, the traditional features that are commonly imbibed in the customary idols of the ‘Durga Murti' have been transformed by the artisans to give it a more modern feel yet keeping the traditional vibe alive. This rustic earthy creation by the ‘Kumbhakar’ makes this ‘Ek Chala Durga’ idol a truly exquisite form of art.
‘The Bengal Store’ now presents the traditional hand-crafted ‘Ek Chala Terracotta Durga’ idol moulded by the artisans of Panchmura.

This piece of terracotta art will undoubtedly add a traditional vibe to your living room and will also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are hand-crafted and thus small variations in shape, size and colour may occur.

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