Mojilpur Babu Putul

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    The fire-clay earthen dolls from the Mojilpur district boast an unparalleled beauty of their own. These unique dolls are painted with vibrant colours by the artisans and burnished to enhance the lustre. These unique moulded clay dolls are presently manufactured single-handedly by Sambhu Das, the grandson of the legendary doll-making artist, Manmatha Das. The ancestors of the Das family had migrated to Bengal from Jessore (a district in the southwest region of Bangladesh) several years ago and Sambhu Das currently happens to be the only artist in Bengal who is struggling to keep this art form from going extinct. Manmatha Das was honoured with the prestigious President’s award in 1986 for his magnificent creation namely; Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadra. 

    This piece of craft is exclusively made for The Bengal Store.

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