Bankura Horse

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    Material  Terracotta
    Dimension (height x width x depth)  14 x 3 x 4   inches



    The craft of Terracotta has been the symbol of man's first attempt at craftsmanship. The town of Bishnupur in the state of Bengal is one of the pioneers in producing terracotta handicrafts and is known for its earthy finesse.

    One of the most distinguished terracotta pieces is the Horse, locally known as Bankura’r Ghora (Bankura Horse). These horses embody dynamism with erect ears and necks. The ornate carvings such as the embellished eyebrows and forehead, decorated with chandmala bestow a breathtakingly arresting beauty to these art forms.

    Bring home this unique piece of Terracotta Horse, and add charm to your favourite corner!

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