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    Ghee is that one very traditional milk product that is thoroughly enjoyed by every Indian and is usually eaten with steamed rice or chapatis. Very rarely does one come across an Indian household that does not consume this aromatic tasty milk condiment. It is made by churning the cream and simmering it on low heat for hours after which a residual semi-solid product with wonderful yellow colour and aroma is left behind and this is exactly how pure Ghee is prepared.

    Ghee is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal swellings and burns. It also contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that helps our body fight cancer and various other heart-related diseases. Apart from that, ghee also acts as a pure moisturizer for dry scalp and skin and helps in hair growth.

    The ghee product brought to you by ‘The Bengal Store’ is made from pure cow milk procured directly from the farmers spread across the length and breadth of rural Bengal. It is 100 percent pure and has higher mineral and nutritional value compared to similar products available in the market and is Tested & Certified by IIT Kharagpur (AFT lab). Hence, don’t linger a moment longer and add this to your online cart and get it delivered to your doorstep to enjoy the goodness of pure ghee in the comforts of your home!



    Vitamin A (μg/100g)


    Essential for eye health, prevents night blindness and age related muscular degeneration.

    Omega-6- FA (g/100g)


    It reduces cell damage and enhances cell repair and good for low blood pressure.

    SFA (g/100g)


    Important in overall health and disease prevention.

    MUFA (g/100g)


    It reduces cholesterol.

    Cholesterol (g/100g)


    The amount of cholesterol is lower than in the products available in the market.

    TFA (g/100g)


    This plays an integral role in overall health and disease prevention.

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