Mango Delicacies (A combo of Aam Kasundi, Aam Gur, and Aam Murabba)

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This combo pack consists of one 200gm bottle of Mango Murraba, Mango Kasundi, and Mango Jaggery each.

An authentic Bengali meal is incomplete without a spoonful of flavoured pickle. This Green mango jaggery chutney is 100% chemical or preservative-free and is made by women who follow the generation of the traditional art of making pickles in Bengal. The subtle sour taste of the raw mango mingles well with the sweet savour of the jaggery to produce a delectable combination that would surely entice your taste buds and bring back the good old childhood memories. Jaggery is said to be rich in minerals and antioxidants and thus it is extremely beneficial in boosting one’s immunity. Green mangoes on the other hand are abundant in vitamin C which is beneficial for skin and hair. It also helps cure dehydration and is even believed to be active prevention against diseases like cancer.


Mango Murraba is a tangy, sweet, and piquant mango marmalade that is made with unripe mangoes. The sugar and the handpicked aromatic spices fuse together, giving it a quintessential blend, turning it into a mouthwatering condiment for any meal. This Mango Murraba is 100% free of chemicals and preservatives and is made with love and passion by an ‘all women’ group hailing from Bengal. This is not only tasty but also extremely healthy as well and helps strengthen one’s immune system. The high level of pectin, vitamin C and fibres in it will keep your cholesterol in check. Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin A and therefore is beneficial for your eyes and also helps fight anaemia.


Mango Kasundi or mango flavoured mustard sauce is an amalgamation of a variety of aromatic spices, fermented mustard seeds and sun-dried mangoes that blend together forming an exquisite dip that goes well with almost any snack of one’s choice. This mango flavoured mustard condiment is absolutely 100% devoid of chemicals and preservatives which makes it not only delicious but also very healthy. This Kasundi is specially prepared by a group of women in Bengal who have inherited, carried forward and perfected the art of turning unripe mangoes into this saporous dressing.  It also has ample number of health benefits too. Yellow Mustard seeds are rich in potassium and is therefore extremely beneficial for a healthy heart. It also improves our metabolism and the calcium content is good for the bones and teeth. This heathy and flavoursome relish can be ordered online and is a must try for anyone who wants to give a real treat to their tase buds. 


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Ratings & Reviews
  • 5
    The most authentic Kasundi & Morobba. It reminds me my childhood days when my grand mother use to make Kasundi, the same same flavour & taste. So different from the staff available in the market.
    • Saibal
    • 09-20-2021
  • 5
    Very good products.
    The tastes are heavenly.
    • Sujal
    • 05-15-2022

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