Gobindobhog Rice (2kgs)- Chemical-free Aromatic Rice

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    A specialty of the Burdwan district of Bengal, Gobindobhog is an indigenous variety of aromatic rice which is being cultivated for almost 300 years. Owing to its pleasant fragrance and nutty flavour, this non-basmati rice is of premium variety and has been fondly named the ‘Prince of Rice’. This short-grained rice is white in colour with a sticky texture and is harvested during the monsoon season, thus making it less prone to pests. It is believed that the name ‘Gobindobhog’ was attributed to this variety of rice since the time it was used in preparing offerings to Lord ‘Govinda jiu’, the family deity of Setts of Kolkata. Its sweet and subtle aroma makes it the ideal choice for many delectable delicacies. Payesh, Misti polau, khichuri (a staple dish made with rice and lentils in almost every Bengali house), and also the famous Bengali dish with fish head – Muri Ghonto, Gobindobhog rice is the chief ingredient in all. It is easily ingestible too since it is absorbed much better by our body system than brown rice.

    ‘This divine aromatic variety of rice, cultivated without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are directly procured from the farmers of Bengal. Place your order online, today!

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