Top 3 Clay Dolls Your Household Or Office Space May Welcome

If you’re a Bengali or an Indian, then this post is about your origin. You may have guessed it straight from the title. Or you might have been thinking of the origin of your culture when you looked up clay dolls online. 
To be frank, a doll tells a story. More than that, it tells the story of a culture. It can be a concept. It can again be ideal. Or, it may simply be an inspiration. Just like a good book is a priceless thing in your library, a doll with meaningful art and aesthetic appearance (of course) needs to be in your home or office. 

Top 3 Kinds Of Traditional Bengali Dolls To Keep In Your Home Or Office 

Remember, keeping a doll means placing an artefact to express a bold statement about your taste and aesthetic nature, save for the factor of interior decoration. 
So, before you buy a couple or a few more clay dolls online, you might want to take a look at your home and its architectural style. Then, go ahead and learn a little about the art and the design of the kinds of dolls you want to buy. 
It can help you bring that unison. You need that balance between the looks of your interiors and the dolls. The points mentioned below can help:

  • Terracotta Dolls 

Probably the most popular doll option for interior spaces, right? Well, yes! Terracotta dolls are internationally famous. It’s wrong to think that they are only an art form used in India. Artisans used to make children’s terracotta toys when synthetic rubber didn’t make its entry into doll-making. 
Terracotta dolls are made with fired clay. The common ones are the large and medium terracotta horse dolls. We made them more compact, though. You may get a cute terracotta pigeon doll, an alluring black terracotta snake doll, and many more from us. 

  • Mojilpur Dolls

They are small. They look cute. But they are one of a kind. And that makes Mojilpur Dolls ‘not so common’. Made immortal by artisan Manmatha Das, a Mojilpur Doll is all about craftsmanship presented boldly but beautifully.
The designs of these dolls are simple. You may call them miniature dolls. However, these bold and elegant dolls are perfect for any interior space. They are also made in an interesting way. Two different halves of the doll are put together to make it a whole. This means the dolls have a hollow core and are lightweight. 

  • Shellac Dolls

Did you know that these dolls are made from clay from the white ant hills? Now you know. Making these dolls is difficult. The painting process comes with certain phases and steps. But the end result of this process gives you something you won’t get with other dolls. And that’s the expression of an amazing texture shown through the lustre of the dolls. Get one soon!

To Conclude

Hope this post was of help to you. And if it clears your doubts about buying clay dolls online right now, then we may help. Apart from that, though, we want to know what you think of these dolls too. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below if these dolls stirred a thought in your mind.