Protect your hard disk with our beautiful cases

Hard drives or hard disks are an essential part of life today. Whatever you want to store - movies, music, important documents, external hard drives have replaced cumbersome paperwork and physical files, at home or work. Now, something that has made life so much easier for us deserves special care. Which is where our special range of hard disk covers or cases comes in.

Made of juco, leather, and leather-juco, these hard disk cases protect your precious files from dirt, dust, and also act as shock absorbers in case of sudden jolts and bumps.

For those not in the know, juco is a smart, versatile, and increasingly popular new ecological fabric. As the name suggests, it is a combination of jute and cotton, and the fine blend of both fabrics makes juco superior to both materials because it combines the best properties of each. It is a perfect environmentally friendly alternative to cotton and canvas.


Our hard disk cases look great too, and come in a variety of colours, with a special strap for the hard disk cable. And like all products from The Bengal Store, they are eco-friendly, ergonomic, and completely devoid of any synthetic materials.

Most hard disk covers or cases that you find in the market are made either of hard plastic or synthetic materials, whereas our special hard disk cases are not just made out of entirely natural materials, but are aesthetically pleasing too. Check them out today!