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Red Rice gets its distinct colour from its anthocyanin content, a water-soluble pigment that gives red, purple, and blue colours in fruits, grains, and vegetables. Originating in China during the Tang dynasty in A.D.800., red rice served two purposes: culinary and medicinal. Nutty flavoured and unpolished, this rice variant is said to contain higher nutritional value compared to white rice or polished ones. Red rice comes with a plethora of health benefits. Lately, it has become popular among health-conscious people, due to its antioxidants and magnesium content, which helps prevents many diseases like blood sugar levels or improving pulmonary functions.  Packed with iron, it enhances the proper absorption of oxygen in the body and ensures the supply of plenty of energy to the body. It is used in cooking khichuri (a staple dish made with rice and lentils in almost every Bengali home), kheer, salad, and even South Indian dishes like idli and dosa. The earthy flavour of red rice also goes very well with lamb, beef, and mutton.

This variety of red rice is cultivated without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are directly procured from the farmers of Bengal. Bring home the goodness of these mineral-rich rice grains and give your family the nutrients their body and health deserve. 


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