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Happiness knows no bounds when the best of everything is bundled for you in a single pack. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. We understand that and thus The Bengal Store offers you a bucket full of healthy food.

The pack consists of a wide variety of healthy choices including 180 grams of pure ghee collected from the farmers of Bengal, 250 grams of raw and unprocessed honey, 200 grams of organic turmeric and 500 grams each of three rare varieties of Bengal rice, Mulliphulo, Radha-tilak and Kalonuniya ,all unpolished and farmed without chemicals and fertilizers.

All three variants of rice are 'atap' in nature.

The products have been tested and certified by IIT Kharagpur. This bundle of joy presented to by The Bengal Store will not only reasonable in price but will also enable you to explore the wide mineral-rich food products collected directly from the farmers of Bengal.

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