Chola Dal / Chana Dal (500g)- Chemical and Preservative-free


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    ‘Chola’ or ‘Chana Dal’, also known as ‘Bengal Gram’, is the polished version of whole brown chickpeas whose husks have been removed and grams have been split in half. Also known as ‘Kala chana’ (black chana), this variety of chickpea is smaller than ‘Kabuli Chana’ or white chickpea and is easily one of the most consumed pulses in India. Besides being used in preparing the popular Bengali dish ‘Cholar Dal’ during festivals, weddings, and celebrations like the Durga Puja, this dal is also used to prepare Halwa, Kheer, Vada Pao, and Dosa. A wide variety of Indian vegetable curries are also prepared along with Chola Dal. Apart from being an excellent source of vegetarian protein, Chola Dal is highly nutritious and is an ideal choice of Dal among weight watchers and health enthusiasts. For those who have high blood sugar or blood pressure, this variety is an absolute ‘must have’ kitchen item. Being rich in antioxidants, it reduces inflammation and blood clots and helps maintain a healthy heart.

    This variety is chemical and preservative-free and is procured directly from the farmers of Bengal.

    Bring home the goodness of this protein-rich Chana Dal and give your family the nutrients their body and mind deserve. Place your order online, today!

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