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Bengal rice has a rich tradition of folk cultivation and had more than five hundred plus varieties, most of which have been lost over time. However, a new resurgence is seen across Bengal to revive some of the lost varieties. Communities of farmers under advice from agricultural scientists have come together with a positive notion to bring back our past glory.

This variant of rice offered by us is known as "Chamatkar which is cultivated in Northern Bengal and translates to “Miracle”. However, it is boiled in nature and is best used for cooking Khichdi but can also be used for daily consumption. This variety of rice has been cultivated without use of pesticides and fertilizers and are unpolished and rich in mineral content unlike the polished and nutrient less varieties available in the market.

We provide 1KG of rice per unit.

The contents of the rice as tested by IIT Kharagpur are given below:

Proteins 1.25gm/100 grams Lower by 60%, than most commercial varieties. Effective for diabetic consumers
Carbo hydrates 78 g/ 100 grams Higher than standard commercial rice, relatively standard rice is about 55 grams.
Fats 0.20g/100g The standard fats present being 0.40g, this is lower in fat.
ZInc 59ppm This is remarkably high. Normally zinc is present at 16-28ppm. So this variety can provide a very necessary micronutrient (zinc) needed for growth and immunity.
Vitamin B1 0.47mg/100g 30-50% of recommended daily allowance. So this is effective for metabolism and the functioning of the heart, muscle and the nervous system. Also, effective for people with diabetes, sudden weight loss, HIV/AIDS, alchoholism.
Vitamin B2 Ribiflabin

0.06mg/100g This vitamin is essential for eye health, prevention of anemia, recovery from Malaria.

Vitamin B3 Niacin

4.4mg/100g It is a good source of essential vitamin used to treat high blood cholestrol.
Calories 343KCal Compared to standard 242Kcalthis has 50% more calories

Cooking instructions

Please take water according to the proportion of rice to be cooked and boil it thoroughly. In the meantime rice has to be washed preferably twice with clean water. After the water is thoroughly boiled the washed rice to be poured and boiled for 10 to 15 minutes. But patience is required to keep a close watch so that the rice is not over cooked. If this process is followed minutely the rice will increase substantially in quality.

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