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    The word spice comes from Latin ‘species’, meaning a commodity of value and distinction.

    Indian cuisine is known for its bold flavours and pleasant aroma, which are created using a variety of spices. They enhance the colour, texture and flavour of the curries and are staple dietary additives since ancient times.

    We at ‘The Bengal Store’ understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and are here with a bucketful of spices that are grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers.

    Apart from being used in the kitchen, our spices have healing properties and many other medicinal benefits as well. The antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and also help improve blood circulation. Some are even beneficial for reducing common cold and joint pains. They help improve digestive health and are also used to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Packed with a bundle of health benefits, this combo is surely going to give you and your family the nutrients their body deserves. 

    Add this to your online cart today and get these healthy and delicious spices delivered to your doorstep!

    This combo pack consists of White Cumin Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Black Mustard Seeds, White Mustard Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds, Paanch Phoron, and Radhuni (each 50gms).


    White Cumin seeds 50 grams
    Black Cumin seeds 50 grams
    Coriander seeds 50 grams
    Methi 50 grams
    Mouri 50 grams
    Black Pepper Whole 50 grams
    Black Mustard Seeds 50 grams
    Panch Phoron  50 grams
    Radhuni  50 grams
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