Bahurupi Rice (1kg)- Chemical-free, boiled Rice


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Mainly cultivated in Bankura / Purulia region of West Bengal, Bahurupi rice is a type of boiled rice that is traditionally consumed as fermented rice (called ‘pakhal’ or 'paanta' bhaath) because it is said to yield the best probiotics on fermentation. The variety is high in fiber and rich in iron (containing about 12 mg per 100 gms) which is better absorbed in fermentation. It also contains a high amount of zinc (about 36 mg per 100 gms) and is therefore highly nourishing and popular among health enthusiasts. It is helpful in arresting anemia and also boosts growth among young children. Rich in anthocyanin, this rice variety is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, and moreover since it has less amount of sugar it is quite popular among diabetic patients too. Apart from ‘Paanta Bhaath’, its culinary use is diverse and is also used in making idli and dumplings.

This variety of Bahurupi rice is cultivated without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides and is then directly procured from the farmers of Bengal.

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