Kanthalia Dolls- Reunion


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The potter community of Kanthalia village in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal has a unique craft-making skill. Dolls that depict mundane day-to-day household scenes like a lady tying up her companion’s hair, a milkmaid, horsemen, or an elephant are some of their many themes.
At first, soft clay is molded by hand and shaped into various figurines, and then sweltered to make it firm and rigid. Next, a layer of mica and chalk dust is smeared on it and finally, facial features and striped decorations are done using red and black colours. 

At present, artist Sadhan Pal and his family are the only craftsmen in Bengal who are trying to keep this dying art from going extinct. Urbanization has pushed this wonderful traditional art of doll-making in Bengal to the brink, however through passionate love and dedication; artists like Sadhan Pal have kept it alive and thriving. 

This particular piece of art depicts two friends who are seen greeting each other.

These exclusive dolls from Kanthalia, Murshidabad are hand-crafted using centuries-old traditional techniques and have been passed down for generations. This beautiful piece of clay art will surely add a touch of ethnicity to your living room.

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