Galar Putul / Shellac Dolls- Set of 2 Tortoise figures


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Dimension (length x breadth x height) 9 x 8 x 5 Centimetres
Material Clay and painted with Shellac


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Shellac dolls, colloquially known as ‘Gaalar Putul’ used to be a very popular and unique craft of Bengal's Purba Midnapore District for decades. Brightly coloured and beautifully textured, these miniature dolls come in various forms of deities, animals, and humans. They are entirely handmade and are eco-friendly as well. Sadly, with the passage of time, the industrial mass production of dolls have pushed this exquisite art to the brink of oblivion. However, few passionate artists still exist and Brindaban Chanda, a sixty-two-year-old man is one of the very few artisans in Bengal who has still kept this age-old tradition alive, until this day!

Included here are a couple of tortoise figures.

These dolls are made of clay obtained from termites' nests. It is then soaked in water and left to ferment for three days straight after which the residual twigs, pebbles, and gravels are separated out. The clay is then shaped into beautiful dolls and sun-dried and baked in mud kilns to turn them firm and solid.

What makes these dolls so unique is the rather interesting process thereafter. Held with a pair of tongs over red hot coal, an array of colourful ‘Lac’ is applied all over the dolls. With nimble hands and crafty skills, the artisans then create magnificent body designs and patterns on the dolls with the thread of the lac. Cooled for 10-15 minutes and the dolls are finally ready.

This traditional art form of Bengal deserves all the praise, applause and help not merely because the products are so unique and beautifully handcrafted, but to appreciate the passion and the age-old bond that men and women have with mother nature!

Please Note: The products are all handcrafted and hence, there may be slight variations in colour and shape of the actual product against the one shown on the website.

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