Hand-painted Clay Vases - Set of 3 (Black and Blue)

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Clay small pot set of 3 – Clay art has been one of the oldest art forms prevailing in Bengal as well as India. Sourcing the required clay from river beds, ponds, and pits, the traditional potters of West Bengal begin their craft. These potters are locally known as ‘Kumbhakars’. After giving the desired shape, the pots are then placed inside open pit kilns at an extensive temperature. The ready clay pots can be painted with vibrant colours or sold as it is.

This particular assortment contains a set of 3 elaborately coloured pots of different sizes and shapes. Each of the pots is tinted in bright black and golden colour, with a handpainted powder-bluish fish motif at the centre.  It would positively add the essence of ancient Bengal to your home or dwelling space.

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