Terracotta Bottle with Jute Base


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    Capacity 1 Litre
    DImension Height- 28.5 cm Dia middle- 28.6 cm Base 9 cm
    Material Terracotta with a Jute Base


    Terracotta Water Bottle (1 Litre)- The terracotta clay water bottle is handcrafted in a Bengal village famous internationally for its terracotta crafts. Drinking water from a clay bottle gives you a healthier lifestyle and help to revive the traditional use of earthenware. The porous nature keeps the water naturally cool all day without any refrigeration. It also brings with it a host of benefits like:

    • Alkaline clay reacts with the acidic water hence creating a proper pH balance giving relief to acidity and gastronomic pains.
    • Improves digestion along with metabolism.
    • Helps treat bad throats.
    • Prevents sunstroke, diarrhea, dehydration which are very common in summers.
    • Natural filter.

    This is an alternative to plastic water bottles which causes substantial harm to your health.

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