Dokra Owl Box

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 Material  Dokra
 Dimension (In Cm)  15 x 8 x 8 (height x width x depth)


Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development is committed to encourage the local craftsmen and upgrade their skills by organizing training programme. Primarily, Amar Kutir  focuses on developing the skills of craftsmen, promote self-help groups and provide employment to the localities. 

The Bengal Store, in association with Amar Kutir, has brought to you a range of products handcrafted with love.

Although used previously to refer to a group of nomadic craftsmen, presently the term ‘Dhokra’ is essentially applied to a wide range of handcrafted decorated brassware products created by the ‘lost wax process of metal casting. Acknowledged as the earliest known method of non-ferrous metal casting known to mankind, this folk art originated in the heartlands of West Bengal almost 3500 years ago and is done by the traditional metalsmiths, ‘The Dhokra Damar Tribes’.  Artisans these days create various figurines and models of gods, goddesses, animals, birds, carts, and even jewelry.

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