Kantha-stitched Batua (Black)

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Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development, based in Santiniketan, district Bolpur is committed to encourage the local craftsmen and upgrade their skills by organizing various training activities. Following the vision of World Poet Rabindranath Tagore, Amar Kutir  focuses on developing the skills of craftsmen, promote self-help groups and provide employment to the rural community.

The Bengal Store, in association with Amar Kutir, has brought to you a range of products handcrafted with love. The Bengal Store is the only online store where Amar Kutir products are available for worldwide delivery.

A centuries-old tradition of embroidering clean and simple patterns upon a cloth with a small running stitch, Kantha stitch has been one of the most popular forms of embroidery practiced by the women of Bengal. With time, this stitch came to be done on stoles, boxes and bedspread which once was embroidered only upon dhotis and sarees. From several folk, floral and animal motifs, to day to day activities, the running kantha stitches upon soft clothes, showcases it all.  It gives the cloth a slight wavy effect. Kantha never goes out of fashion.

Existing in India since time immemorial, Batuas are stylish bags brought to use by royal families. It has now become an essential fashion statement in all over the world. Kantha Batua bags are enticing to look can and can be a staple to your fashion statement.

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