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Panchmura Durga

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Panchmura, a hamlet located around 23 kilometres away from Bishnupur in the Bankura district, is considered as the terracotta hub of Bengal. Around seventy families of Panchmura practice the age old traditon of pottery and are known as kumbhakar.

The art practiced by them is simple yet dynamic and has its origin in religious rituals. The artisans of Panchmura have revolutionized the 'ekchala-idol' concept through their unique craftsmanship. The Goddess and her children do not have traditonal features commonly found in conventional idols. The only traditional element that remains constant here is the concept of 'ekchala'.The tribal touch offered by the Kumbhakars makes this ekchala Durga idol truly astounding.

Dimension10 x 12 x 5 inches

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