Jyotirmoy Dalapati

Jyotirmoy Dalapati (born: 9th July, 1985) is an artist from Bengal specializing in print making and painting. He was a student of Rabindra Bharati University, after which he continued pursuing art through several exhibitions and workshops all around India.

The subject matter of his printing & painting compositions is based on dreamland, which arises out of conscious and sub-conscious mind and thoughts.

  • His achievements include:
  • The Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship, Exhibition , 2009. held from 24th to 31st August, 2009.
  • Merit Certificate- in Wood Cut, ‘Etching Press’ in Graphics.
  • Indian Society of Oriental Art. Annual Exhibition, 2017. held from 19th May To 25th May, 2017,in Academy of Fine Arts . “Dr. U.C. Nag Chaudhuri
  • Memorial” Award in Etching - ‘ Mechanical World’. Etching- ‘Aqua Life’.
  • Rajya Charukala Barshik Pradarshani. held from 27th February to 8th March, 2015. Kolkata . held at Gaganendra Prodarsha Sala in Kolkata. Certificate of Merit –Mechanical World, Etching.
  • West Bengal State Akademi of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Annual Exhibition , 2014 . held from 7th February , 2015. to 14th February , 2015 , In Nandalal Bose And Jamini Roy Gallery , I.C.C.R. (Kolkata) Print Making ‘Etching’ - ‘Aqua Life’ , Certificate of Merit. Painting- ‘Honey Moon of Earth’